Juniors are preparing early for next year’s college application process

Erian Bradley

This year, many students in the class of 2013 are already thinking about colleges and preparing themselves for this step they will have to take after their senior year.Most of juniors feel that there is a need to prepare early to be mentally ready for applying to college, a process that can be confusing.

“I want to go to the University of Pittsburgh, but I’m undecided on what to major in because I really want to go for volleyball,” Jasmyn Hamilton (11) said. “I’m working on my GPA right now so that my grades will be acceptable for Pittsburgh.”

“I plan to attend either the University of Kentucky or Western Kentucky University,” Jalyn Eckerle (11) said. “I want to go to the University of Kentucky because they have an excellent pharmacy program there… I’m already shadowing a pharmacist in the family to help me out with those things,” she said.

Not all students, however, have specific colleges and majors picked out; some are still unsure of their future plans.

“I’m looking at colleges I like, and I attended the college fair a while ago,” Patrick Frentz (11) said. “But as of right now I’m planning visits just to help me along my journey of finding the right college for me… High school is just leading me on my way.”

All in all, most juniors have at least some idea of what major or field of study they might be interested in.

“I either want to go to Kentucky or Miami, and my first choice is Miami, mostly because you can double major there,” Simon Clifford (11) said. “I want to major in nursing and communications, and I am studying regularly to prepare myself for that.”

Even beyond simply knowing what career path they’d like to pursue, some juniors have had work experience in the major they plan to take on, such as an internship or mentee program.

“I’m leaning towards Vanderbilt, because they have a great medical undergraduate program,” Maci Babbage (11) said. “I have an internship with my mentors at Norton’s Hospital, and I’m involved in a research project called ‘Chipped,’ which is the study of blood bio markers. I do a lot of outside studies more than school studies dealing with college preparation,” she said.