DuPont Manual Crimson Sound places seventh in Butler Competition


On Saturday, the duPont Manual Crimson Sound placed seventh overall in finals at the 28th annual Butler Invitational. The percussion section placed fourth, while the whole band placed third in their class for the preliminary competition before the finals.

Jason Gregory, band sponsor and band teacher, said,”Our music scores were better than bands that were several times bigger that us.”

“The band has grown musically and matured a lot. We were able to get a lot more done. With marching band you should live in the moment and fox your mistakes on the next run, so I wouldn’t change anything,” Leigh-Ann Perdue (12), a drum major, said.

“It was arguably the best we’ve done this year, and against our toughest competition. I was very content with the way our season ended. With how tough our competition was, fifth in music, fourth in percussion, and seventh overall was outstanding,” Michael Metz (10) said.