Papalinos Pizzeria growing in popularity

Christina Rucinski

This month, many duPont Manual High School students have dined at the new location of Papalinos New York Pizzeria, one block away from Manual at Cardinal Towne. 

Papalinos was named “#1 readers’ choice best pizza” in Louisville by the LEO for the second year in a row.

Many students have been going to Papalinos after school. “Papalinos is really convinent because it’s close to school, so it’s nice,” said Ezekiel Smith (10). 

“I thought their prices were fairly reasonable. Their serving sizes were big too,” said Kevin Maloney (12).  

“It’s really greasy, but it’s good,” said Garrett Oberst (12).

Papalinos, which now has two locations at 949 Baxter Avenue and 337 West Cardinal Boulevard, was created in 2010 by Allan Rosenberg and John Browne. Papalinos sells pizza by the slice for $3, meat toppings are $0.75 each, and veggie toppings are $0.50 each. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. every day and closes before midnight from Wednesday to Saturday. Patrons can choose to dine in or carry out. 

According to their website, Papalinos’ standard pizzas are 18 inches and made with whole milk mozzarella, Italian plum tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano, oregano and basil for $15. The toppings are $2 each.

The restaurant buys ingredients from local farm in Kentucky such as Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese and Sheltowee Farms.