New rules in the library change the way students study


This year, some new rules and regulations in Manual’s library have changed the activity that goes on inside. 

Students are no longer allowed to stay in the library before school unless they are on a computer studying. Some students are unhappy that the library is no longer an acceptable place to go for group study sessions or just to hang out.

“I think [the rules] are a little extreme,” Michelle Liu (11) said. “I see where [Ms. McCullough] is coming from, but I don’t think that many people care whether it’s loud [in the library] or not.”

Some other, less well-known changes have been made by Ms. Holly McCullough (Librarian) as well, however: there are no longer any charges for overdue books, copying, or color printing.

According to some Manual staff members, the rules really haven’t been changed that dramatically. Some believe it’s a good thing that the library has been changed to a more studious atmosphere rather than a social one.

“The rules are fine as far as I’m concerned,” Mr. Hank Watson (Library) said. “I really just go with the flow, and I think the library is more peaceful like it should be now.” 

“The students that actually do come in the library to study say thank you,” McCullough said. “I just thought the atmosphere before was out of hand.”

Tyrie is a sophomore at duPont manual in CMA and her position is the Multimedia Staff.