After hours of team practice, powderpuff players are disappointed when the game is canceled

Erian Bradley

On October 12,13,17,18, and 19, the juniors practiced from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for the powderpuff game that was scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 20, at Manual Stadium.

The game was canceled due to bad weather, but prior to this announcement by Mr. Wooldridge the day before the game, the students spent hours practicing more than they originally planned to perfect the team’s strategy.

“[The girls] seem to have great motivation to beat the seniors,” Michael Nelson (11), a powderpuff coach, said. “Coaching can be stressful sometimes because the girls are a little confused, but they are learning quickly.”

During powderpuff practices, some students felt like the could have done much better and that they wasted time, but some students felt that they were learning more important skills than how to play football, such as teamwork.

“Powderpuff is a lesson itself; everyone learns at different paces,” Shantel Pettway (11) said. “I feel like we will do a decent job for the time we have been given.”

“Practice overall had been okay, but we didn’t get much work done on the first day,” Destony Curry (11) said.

Erica Darnell, the 2013 class sponsor, wanted the girls to have as much practice as they could. She stayed after school every time they had practice and also gave them some pointers, though she herself lacked football experience.

“Powderpuff is a game of survival for the juniors; it’s either going to be a great victory or a real hot mess,” she said.

When the game was canceled, several players were disappointed that they wouldn’t get to put the skills they’d learned into practice.

“I was upset that powderpuff was canceled, because we had practiced our butts off, and it took a lot for us to learn what we did from the football players,” Jasmyn Hamilton (11) said.
In fact, most of the team was unhappy they wouldn’t get to play, though some understood the complications with playing in the rain.

“When the announcement was made, I was disappointed, but at the same time it was raining that day, so I was relieved,” Alexis Weaver (11) said.

“I was excited to play in the rain at the game, but when I heard that it was going to be cancelled I was angry and confused,” Dakota Wicks (11) said. “The boys play in the rain, so why can’t we?”

Erian Bradley is a CMA Junior at Dupont Manual High School. She loves to write about upcoming events & things that are happening at Manual. She is on the Multimedia staff.