Seniors juggle scholarships along with college applications

Tabitha Awoniyi

Although many seniors are still deciding on which colleges to attend, what majors to pursue, or how they will pay for it all, a few students have already received scholarships. 

“I have many colleges in mind, but my eye is one: Western Kentucky University,” Sido Wright (12) said. “So far I have won scholarships from Jumpstart and Coca-Cola.” 

As many scholarship programs have strict deadlines, colleges—particularly those that are out-of-state—advise students to know which school they want to attend now in order to receive scholarship opportunities that may only be available through that school.

Kelsey McKim (12) said she is applying for scholarships at Indiana University in Bloomington, University of Georgia scholarships, and a Park scholars program at Ithaca College.

“Applying for scholarships is so time-consuming. But most big scholarships include more than just tuition, like room and board and study abroad,” McKim said. “It’s like by getting a scholarship, I’d be able to do more in my college experience than if I were just paying for it myself.”

Students can also find information about scholarships in college mailings, during college visits, or on Fastweb, a scholarship website.

Tabitha is a 15 year old Sophomore, staffwriter/anchor for the Multimedia Staff, and plans to pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism.