Manual boys’ bowling tryouts begin

Sam Coryell

On Oct. 28 and 29, the Manual boys’ bowling team held tryouts at the Rose Bowl on Goldsmith Lane.

This year, bowling is a sanctioned KHSAA sport, which caused a few changes in the rules for tryouts. One of the new rules is that each person bowls four games, and the 10 bowlers with the highest scores make the team. Coaches Bob Hillerich and Tom Shulak then select four additional players of their choice to be on the team as well.

Kyle Abell (10) is a returning bowler who has worked during the off-season to stay loose and in shape. “I’m really just doing routine things to prepare for the season. Target practice, foot work, and picking up squares,” said Abell.

Some freshmen trying out have some prior experience. Ben Oppenheimer (9) has played four years of league bowling at Ten Pin Lanes. “I bowl 3 games every Saturday in a league with about 10 other teams. Each team has four to five bowlers. The team with the highest score each game gets a point and your team is ranked by how many points you win,” Oppenheimer said.

Final tryout results will be posted Nov. 4.



Sam Coryell is interested in the broadcast and photography fields in CMA. He plays baseball and Basketball and has a long family tradition at duPont Manual High School.