Bioneers Collaborate on Sustainable Living


From Oct 21 to Oct 23, The Bluegrass Bioneers Conference was held at the University of Louisville. The free, annual conference met to discuss alternatives for ecologically sustainable living.

Scientific and social innovators with varied careers and experiences came together to try to understand nature and mimic how it operates, so that society can function and coexist with the web of life. 
“The presentation I’ve been working on for about a year is called Mimicking the Mushroom; it illustrates how if we mimicked the way of the mushroom we could have a better, healthier society,” a presenter at the Bioneers Conference and owner of Magnificent Mushrooms, Eric Osborne, said.

“This one man talked. . . It was a presentation about how the whole economy could shift into a new economy functioning without government regulation,” Linda Erzinger, an attendee, said.
The group BEcreative and U of L Sustainability Council coordinates the production of the Bluegrass Bioneers Conference.

Sienna Summers is a sophomore at duPont Manual. 

Sienna Summers is a sophomore in CMA at duPont Manual.