Freshmen prepare for first YPAS recital

Taylor Browning

On Nov. 14, the freshman vocal majors will have their first high school performance. The recital will be held at the Youth Performing Arts School building at 6:30 p.m. This performance allows family and friends to see all that the students have been working on.

The recital is the time for students to show off their individual talent. It will also serve as a performance grade for students to know they have the right techniques, even in front of an audience. 

“I feel extremely excited and prepared about my first YPAS recital,” Brianna Johnson (9) said. She will be signing the song “Alma Mia” by Handel.

Donnie Miller (10), a transfer from Butler High school, auditioned the summer after his freshmen year to become a vocal major. Although Miller is a sophomore,  he has to take the freshmen vocal classes because he transferred. 

“I knew I wanted to sing in my future and Butler didn’t have the best vocal program. I auditioned for YPAS knowing I would be learning the best. I look forward to the first recital and showing my improvement,” Miller said.  

All ninth grade students are required to take vocal development and ladies’/gentlemen’s ensemble. These classes are to prepare students for future years being involved with more advanced choirs, like Chamber Choir.