Action for Africa works on promoting the club and selling bracelets

Lisa Pham

Members of Action for Africa met after school in the room of their sponsor, Ms. Shannon Kederis (Social Studies), on Tuesday, Oct. 25 to discuss the progress they had made since their last meeting, and to find different ways to promote the club.

Vice President Micah Walker (12) discussed how to persuade people to join. “I want you to encourage people by telling them to come out, to get involved, and to help raise money to make a difference,” Walker said. 

Originally, the club was supposed to sell bracelets during the carnival, which was ultimately cancelled. “I was really upset about the cancellation. It would have been a good opportunity for more people to hear about our club and support it by buying a bracelet. We made about a hundred bracelets,” Kelly Pfister (11) said. As of now, plans for the bracelets are still undetermined.    


Lisa Pham (11) is a contributing photographer and writer to Manual RedEye.