SBDM discusses results of parent surveys and new club proposals

Kelsi White

The Manual Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) council met last Wednesday, Nov. 2, to discuss a parent survey distributed at the previous meeting on Oct. 5, as well as to discuss the proposal for the new “j” club.

The parent survey showed a fairly positive response in regards to the functions and success of the school. 85 percent of parents said that Manual offered a strong academic environment, and 75 percent said that the school has diverse courses and activities.

“Manual provides a learning environment that I believe surpasses all other schools not only with in classroom learning, but in the general openness of the school itself,” Joan Woods, mother of Emily Divino (11), said.

“Having such a wide range of courses allows me to see what I might be interested in as a career in the future,” Emily Divino (11) said.

The members also discussed the newly proposed “j” club, a club meant to support the student journalist.  “I think ‘j’ will help us embrace our rights as student journalists,” Darby Brown (11) said.

Kelsi White is a junior in the Communications department. She is a part of the 2011-2012 Crimson Yearbook staff, as well as a member of the varsity field hockey team, Y-Club, Action for Africa and Beta Club.