Students vote for the first time in November election

Morgan Loy

On November 8, 2011, Election Day, several Manual seniors took part in voting for the upcoming governor of Kentucky. The student voters at Manual were from the senior class. While some of the seniors had the opportunity to vote for previous elections, yesterday was a first-time voting experience for the majority.

“It was very cool to be a part of an important event,” Jenifer Ashby (12) said. “Where I went to vote, I was one of the younger ones so that showed that I truly care about Kentucky’s rights.”

Manual staff members were impressed with the crowd of high school students they saw at their voting stations. “It is essential for students to vote because if you don’t participate, you can’t complain if things go poorly,” Dr. Randy Weick (Social Studies) said.

Noel Ekman (12) did not have the ability to vote because of his age, but he appreciated those of his peers that got their opinions out. “My vote will be important because it will be a way to voice my age group’s thoughts,” he said.

Leigh Weddington co-authored this article.

Morgan Loy is a senior in CMA. She is the people’s section editor for the yearbook and a staff writer for Manual Redeye. She hopes to use everything she has learned in communications and apply it to her future career.