Editor’s note: Digital backpack story delayed


Piper Hansen

My name is Piper Hansen and I am the primary reporter investigating privacy policies and laws that protect students as they interact with the Backpack of Success Skills.

This week, I announced through Crimson Student Press Network social media accounts that the five-month long investigation was coming to a close and the conclusions would be released through Manual RedEye on May 9.

I received responses to direct questions from a JCPS spokesperson early this week that were then placed accordingly in our story. However, yesterday afternoon, I received comment from a JCPS attorney that strongly disputed what I had previously gathered.

Due to receiving comment yesterday afternoon, the story will be delayed. At this point, I am morally and ethically bound by journalistic standards to reach out to additional sources and fact-check the story once more in order to present the most accurate information.

I appreciate your patience.