Come take a Look-see: Lookey Lookey showcase opens


Maya Joshi

May second was the opening day of the Photography 2 class’ art showcase, titled Lookey Lookey, held in the Norma E. Brown Gallery in the VA Annex from 3 to 6. The gallery will be open throughout AP testing, although Mr. Curtis and the class have not yet determined a final date for the showcase.

“I absolutely love it,” Riya Shah (12, MST) said after coming to see the showcase. “I was in Photo 1 last year, and was actually planning on taking Photo 2 but I ended up changing my schedule last second and so it’s really cool to see all of my classmates’ work a year later and see how much they’ve progressed.”

Students at the showcase opening congratulate their friends and examine their artwork.

Katelyn Miller (12, HSU) is in the Photo 2 class, and subsequently showcased her work alongside her classmates.

“It’s an accomplishment,” Miller said. “I’m very proud and it’s just such an honor to be up here with such other beautiful work.”

The class had been planning the particulars of the showcase for the last three weeks.

“It was hard, it took a lot of time, but I like how it turned out,” Miller said.

Miller’s teacher agreed.

“I love the way it’s turned out,” Mr. Curtis (VA) said. “I’m pretty involved, because this is my Photo 2 class. We’ve built up to this, so this is sort of a culminating event for them.”

The students used five of their best pieces each, and made custom name tags to hang with their work.

“The turnout for me is as much about the kids coming together and working together to make it happen,” Mr. Curtis said. “For me that’s almost more important than the work hanging on the wall.”