Red Giant yearbook retraction


Guest Contributor

This has been published on behalf of the Crimson Yearbook staff.

To the Manual community,

It has come to our attention that there are fabricated quotes within our yearbook. This came to our attention after the printing and distribution of the book. It was brought to our attention by a student who had been falsely quoted and at the moment, it seems to be isolated to the work of one reporter. As the editors, we would like to not only apologize to these students but to the entire Manual community.

As the Editors-in-Chief, we take our job very seriously, and once it was brought to our attention, we handled the situation to the best of our ability. We promise that although there are those instances of fabricated quotes in the book, we still hold our journalistic values very high. Our first priority is to present an accurate representation of the student body, the events and feelings of a particular year. We try to make sure that everything we write, from the main story to a quotation in a caption or folio, is accurate and representative of what you have to say. For someone to distort or misrepresent a person’s words is a betrayal of the trust of the student body who count on us to tell their stories accurately. We understand that it is extremely frustrating to be interviewed and then feel that you did not say what we said you did. For that, we cannot apologize enough. We have teamed up with the editors for next year’s book and systems are being set in place so that this does not happen again.

Again, we apologize to anyone who feels as if they were misrepresented in the book, and we hope that despite this inaccuracy that it will not affect your overall impression of this year’s book and our yearbook staff as a whole. If you feel that you have been inaccurately represented in the book, please feel free to contact Keri or Sentyaset at [email protected] or [email protected]. We will be more than willing to work with you on finding the truth and apologize to you personally.

Finally, we would like to thank the student body and the staff for their help in creating Red Giant. We take pride in the fact that we are editors and able to guide a staff of such hard workers. This book could not have been possible without the help of you, the Manual community. We greatly appreciate all of your support.


The 2019 Crimson yearbook “Red Giant” Editors-in-Chief,

Keri Phillips and Sentyaset Rodriguez