Project Graduation: sending seniors off


Maddie Gamertsfelder

This post was submitted by Lara McQueenie.

Manual’s seniors will participate in Project Graduation on Saturday, June 8th at Malibu Jacks, after the students complete their graduation ceremony at Freedom Hall.

Project Graduation is a free event is open to all seniors as long as they have signed up, in hopes to bring them together for a final, safe celebration.

Starting at midnight, the students are locked in and unable to leave the facility until 5 a.m., having unlimited access to all the activities available inside.

The kids can look forward to a night full of games, starting with lazer tag and working their way through go-kart racing, mini golf or dancing to the music the in-house DJ plays.

“I loved it all. We could play as many games as we wanted and there were areas to chill if you wanted to relax too,” said Quincy Robinson, a 2018 duPont Manual graduate.

Throughout the duration of the night several silent auctions take place, giving out many things including supplies for college.

The event is mainly organized by the class president, who this year is Oliver Weber, and a few other class officers who help behind the scenes, putting together auction packages and planning the schedule for the night.

“It is something so many of us have been looking forward to. It’s one big kumbaya before we all go our separate ways,” said Vidu (12, MST)

“It was a very fun and eventful night that I recommend everyone attend, it is something I would definitely do again,” Robinson said.