Meet Ms. Roy, Ms. Alvey and Ms. Wilson


Payton Carns

Mrs. Roy is a new math teacher this year. She teaches MST math classes and Advanced Calculus.


Q: What made you want to become a math teacher?

A: I decided to become a math teacher in college when I started to take math classes for fun, and all my friends thought it was very odd. I really just enjoyed math and I started to become the person that everybody came to for help for math. I didn’t go to college to become a math teacher so I just called my mom and told her I wanted to change my major. So here I sit.

Q: What kind of student were you?

A: In high school, I was a very good student. I worked hard and I enjoyed math, but I definitely wasn’t the best math student. I mean I got all A’s, but my teachers didn’t expect me to be a math teacher. Like when I told some of my math teachers I was gonna be a math teacher, they were kind of like “oh okay that’s kind of surprising.” But I was actually a very good math student because I wanted to be a pharmacist. I was a chemistry student and I was really really good at chemistry. But I found that I very much enjoyed math.

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching?

A:  I really enjoy seeing them get that aha moment. I like to get to know them because I feel like if I get to know them better, they can learn better. They enjoy math so much more when they are enjoying their class, and they enjoy their class when they feel like their teacher knows them.

Q: What are the highs and lows of being new?

A: In my old position, I was the resource teacher, so everyone would go to me to find things or ask how do I do that. I knew all the answers because I was the one that they came to, and now I’m the girl with all the questions. I feel like I’m bombarding everyone with all these questions and it’s disorienting because I’m not used to having all the questions I’m used to having all the answers,  so that’s definitely one of the lows. One of the highs is being back in the classroom. I’ve loved these past few days so much and the kids here are just so amazing and respond really well to everything I ask them to do, and it’s really validated my choice to go back to teaching.

 Mrs. Alvey is also a new math teacher this year. She teaches Advanced Geometry.


Q: What are the highs and lows of being new?

A: Some of the highs and lows of being a new teacher…probably the lows are not knowing where things are, but some of the highs are going to meet so many new people, and making a lot of new friends.

Q: What prompted you to want to teach?

A: I had a really great calculus teacher in college, and he kinda pushed me to do better, and then I kind of met more people to kind of influence me to pursue mathematics. And then I studied abroad in Budapesta and I think that that was the moment I decided I wanted to teach.

Q: Do you like animals/do you have any pets?

A: Of course I have pets, I have two cats, I have a tortoiseshell cat, she’s really fluffy, and her name is Arya. Then I have a black cat he is, kind of is a short hair, he has longish short hair, but not a fluffy cat and his name is Eugene, and they’re my babies.

Q: What drew you to Manual?

A: Probably the arts program because I am– even though I am a math person, I love art and I have a deep appreciation for music, and paintings, and sculptures, and right now I’m in the art annex so I’m in heaven right now, because I’m just surrounded by art; so that’s probably one of the big things that drew me to Manual.

Q: Finally, do you have any hobbies?

A: Alright so, well besides traveling, and eating all the foods I get to see, or find along my travels. I like rock climbing, group fitness, and lying by the pool, those are my tops.

Mrs. Wilson is a new English teacher this year. She teaches both Advanced and Honors English.


Q: What prompted you to become a teacher?

A: I think it was when I was younger. My Aunt was an elementary school teacher, and when she passed away from cancer, a good portion of the kids that she taught over the years came to the funeral with their families. It made me realize what an impact a teacher can have on a student’s life.

Q: What are the highs and lows about being new?

A: I think the highs are that you have students that come into your room without any bias because they haven’t heard anything about you, so that’s a good high. A low is that Manual is very large, and not being able to meet all of my colleagues is hard because I’m kind of limited to meeting the teachers in my wing.

Q: What has been good about Manual so far?

A: It has been a joy. The teachers are really helpful, whether they are in my department or other departments. They’re always asking if there’s anything they can do to help me in the adjustment stage, so that has been just wonderful.