Stovall has a vision for Manual math students


Jayvon Rankin

One of the new hires this year is a new math teacher, Kenneth Stovall, who has already been a part of the Manual community for a few years now, serving as the head coach for boys’ and girls’ varsity and junior varsity (JV) teams.

”The tradition and culture he’d seen among his tennis players made him want to be part of the Manual community even more,” Stovall said.

“I’m very excited to have a fresh start as a teacher. Coming to a new school is very exciting,” Stovall said.

He will continue to be the boy’s tennis coach this coming spring making it his second year on the job.

Stovall with the Manual tennis team. 2019 State runners-up. Photo by Ken Stovall.

He feels very good about the student body he will be teaching this year.

“I want to build a relationship with the students to set an expectation about the teacher I am, and for future students who come to my class, they’ll know what to expect. I hope that all my students reach a level of mathematics and understanding they are looking for,” Stovall said.

He graduated from The University of Louisville with an undergraduates degree and Spalding for his master’s degree.

Stovall has various types of weekends depending on the season. Right now, he’s focused on his one-year-old son and wife.

“As of now,  I spend lots of time with my son on the weekends. He pretty much takes up most of my time,” Stovall said.

During the fall he will be showing his school spirit.

“I try to get to as many football games as possible (usually UofL). I will also try to get to many of the Manual football games,” Stovall said.

However, once second semester rolls around he has a different focus.

“During the spring I will be doing nothing but tennis. Between matches during the week, and tournaments and other things going with the boy’s team,” Stovall said.