Introducing HSU 101


This school year Manual has added a new program to the High School University (HSU) program. HSU 101, in which students will learn an array of skills, from public speaking to finances.

This program starts with the Class of 23, and the students will take 6 different classes and rotate every 6 weeks to a new one.

Students listen to a lecture by Ms. Ritchie in her HSU 101 class, Oral and Written Communication. Photo by Tyler Lericos

The classes are Oral and Written Communication taught by Amy Ritchie, Foundations of HSU taught by Shanon Kederis, Foods and Nutrition taught by Rebecca Raley, Research Methodology taught by Michael Sterling, Appreciation of Arts taught by Julie Clinkingbeard and Personal Finance taught by Laura Spiegelhalter.

Ms. Ritchie teaches students in her HSU 101 class. Photo by Tyler Lericos

“The idea of this class was to make it where HSU students will have one class, they all will take, and let them test the waters in the many electives we have,” Starling said, “We wanted a thing of our own, so we could have that closeness that other magnets like J&C have.”

Before this class, HSU students didn’t have a class they all took. 

“I think that this program will help kids in the long run. The classes are based on things that people will need for the rest of their lives,” Kederis said.

Mrs. Kederis teaches Foundations of HSU.

“They’ll learn a lot of things in my class.  Listening skills, learning to take notes and how to study.” Kederis said, “I was amazed on how many students weren’t taught how to study and take notes!” Kederis said.

The one problem that’s still being figured out by the teachers is deciding how the different sections should rotate.

“We were trying to make it to where the rotations would make sense and be easy for the students to adjust,” Kederis said.