Letter from the editors: RedEye updates


Dear Readers,

We are incredibly excited about the future of Manual RedEye. As you may have noticed, our site looks quite different from what it had looked like this time last month and we believe the changes are for the better. In case you missed this update, we recently switched our website hosts to School Newspapers Online (SNO), in an effort to make our site more accessible, interactive and visually appealing for our audience.

On our side of things, the process of writing stories, embedding multimedia and interacting with our audience is much easier. For you, our audience, you’ll find a much more responsive web design and more surprises with the design of the website due to SNO’s flexibility.

With SNO, Manual RedEye also presents a new mobile phone application, which can be downloaded by anyone using the App Store or Google Play. In order to download the app, you can click on the links above or search for Student News Source and search for duPont Manual when you open the app. You will be prompted to turn on notifications to be alerted each time we publish a story. However, you can also customize notifications to match your interests.


Along with this change, our editorial board also made the decision to change our social media handles from the Crimson Student Press Network (@theCSPN) to Manual RedEye (@manualredeye) to better reflect our staff’s identity and to eliminate any possible confusion that there might have been between our staff and our social media presence.

On social media, we started an advice column podcast, dubbed Dear RedEye, which allows people who follow us on Instagram and various other social media platforms to submit questions for the staff, whether it’s related to Manual or life in general. After receiving these questions, members of the staff will record their responses in a podcast that will be released on a regular basis. We hope projects like these help build our credibility and trust with you, our audience.

In the coming week, we will also be changing our RedEye banner at the top of our website. With a new website host and new social media handles, we felt that it was appropriate to slightly rebrand ourselves with a fresh, new and vibrant banner. Here’s a sneak peek at an early version of the new one:

Graphic by Kate Benton.

Finally, this is one of the biggest staffs Manual RedEye has had in many years with a total of 28 staffers. This means that we are able to expand our horizons and push the limits with our coverage, multimedia and design. We have incredibly talented, multi-faceted individuals on staff so you can expect everything from writing to podcasts, videos and graphics.

Illustration by Piper Shiflet.

Thank you for your continued support of our website, social media and mobile app. We wouldn’t be here without our audience and we can’t wait to make this Manual RedEye’s best year yet.


Reece Gunther & Maddie Gamertsfelder, Editors-in-Chief