New pizza joint in the Highlands

Christina Rucinski

On November 18, 2011, the first Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint opened in Louisville at 2011 Grinstead Drive.

Unlike other pizza places, this restaurant’s specialty is personalizing customers’ pies.

“I like how you can see them make your pizza right in front of you. It makes it easy to choose what you want,” Kayla Martin (9) said.

The restaurant serves homemade salads and paninis, too, and has many catering options available, which include four different pizza packages, sandwich party trays, seven types of salad bars, and bag lunches.

Uncle Maddio’s is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

There are three pizza sizes: 9″ individual ($5.49), 12″ medium ($9.99), and 16″ extra large ($13.49).

“The prices are decent for the quality of the food,” Cyrus Henry (10) said.

Customers choose everything from the dough, which can be gluten-free, to toppings. Uncle Maddio’s toppings include fourteen meats, twenty-four veggies, and eight cheeses. Pizza prices increase with the addition of three or more.

“I thought it was really good pizza, and it wasn’t greasy like Papa John’s,” Kristen Dobbins (10) said. 

Uncle Maddio’s also offers franchising opportunities to start and own another Maddio’s pizza joint.

Head to the Uncle Maddio’s website for a coupon for a free 9″ cheese pizza with any three toppings.