How the top five Democrats compare to Trump on issues picked by you


Anabel Magers

The top five democratic candidates in the 2020 presidential primary and Donald Trump are compared policy by policy. Illustrations by Anabel Magers.

Jacob Hamm and Anabel Magers

There are a lot of Democratic candidates in the 2020 presidential election primary. The New York Times has kept a running tab on who’s running, and there are currently 19 candidates, with seven already having dropped out. However, the support for these candidates is not split evenly, with 14 of the candidates currently polling below five percent. With all of this, we thought we’d do a round-up of the top five Democratic candidates currently running—Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris—on topics that were voted on by you, and how the compare to our current president and likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump.


Healthcare is the most important issue to voters, according to a Fox News poll from September. Bernie Sanders originally set the stage with his “Medicare for All” plan, but many of the Democratic candidates have walked back their support of this plan in favor of more middle ground options.

Design and words by Jacob Hamm. Illustrations by Anabel Magers.

Climate Change

Climate change is a key topic of interest among voters, so much so that CNN held a seven hour climate debate on September 4. Youth movements like the Sunrise Movement and walkouts like the one held last year at the University of Louisville, which multiple Manual students attended, show that this topic is especially important to young people too.


Immigration was a major topic in the 2016 election, and was one of the main platforms that Trump ran on. Kentucky currently accepts many more refugees than other states of similar sizes, and Louisville was one of about two dozen cities targeted for being a “sanctuary city” before a Department of Justice review of the city found it to be in compliance with the law.

Design and words by Jacob Hamm. Illustrations by Anabel Magers.

Gun Control

Gun control has been a hot topic of debate for the past few years, fueled by the Parkland school shooting of 2018 and subsequent formation of the March For Our Lives movement. Louisville held its own March For Our Lives, and multiple schools held their own walkouts. Manual and Assumption both bused students down to D.C. for the national march.

Design and words by Jacob Hamm. Illustrations by Anabel Magers.

Student Debt

Student debt has been a major topic of debate, especially by the Democratic candidates. Americans borrowers collectively owe around $1.5 billion to the government in student loans.

Design and words by Jacob Hamm. Illustrations by Anabel Magers.