Breakdance club making their first debut

Alexis Weaver

The Breakdance Club will be performing at the basketball homecoming pep rally on Friday, Dec. 9. Extra practices have been scheduled so that members will be ready to perform.

Breakdance has met some obstacles, such as space issues, a b-boy getting hurt, and members not being able to stay the whole time during practice, which causes some members not being able to learn moves as quickly as others.

B-Boy Jonthan Yi (10), felt that he has been practicing so hard at practice and at home that nothing could stop him from performing on Friday. “There is no way I’m gonna miss this opportunity,” Yi said. “We’ve worked too hard to stop now, so I will most definitely be performing.”

“B-boying isn’t a joke and [it] requires a lot of technique and stamina,” head of the club Peter Thai (10) said. “The pep rally is getting really close and we are working hard to be ready for when the day of our debut comes.”

Students that will be performing on Friday will be Peter Thai (10), Alex Gossen (11), Jonathan Yi (10), Sophia Crowder (10), Jacob Markert (10), Vickie Tang (11), and Aizik Migirov (10). 

Alexis Weaver is a contributing reporter.