Mayor visited Manual to endorse President Project

Tian Chan

On November 22, 2011, the mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer, visited duPont Manual High School to film an interview expressing his support for the President Project.

The President Project, which has been organized entirely by Manual students, attempts to convince President Obama to give the commencement speech at their senior graduation with Senator Mitch McConnell.

The project has been aired on local new stations and radio podcasts, and has been gaining more support and publicity throughout the local and national community.

“This was a great opportunity for the school and the President Project. Mayor Fischer is a very well respected leader of the community, state, and national level,” said Manual vice-president Parker Bowling (12).

Students and administrators hope his involvement and endorsement will serve to continue the growing success of the President Project. The project has already received endorsements from political figures such as congressman John Yarmuth and JCPS superintendent, Donna Hargens.

“There’s no school that is better than Manual in terms of academic achievement, artistic achievement, and achievement of the human potential of what represents our city,” said Fisher.

He went on to add that Manual is a perfect “model school” for the United States, and an example for schools that are underperforming; an issue President Obama has been dealing with. This is why Fisher, and many other authority figures, have endorsed the project and see its mission as a real possibility.


Tian Chan is a Junior in CMA at Manual, and is on the Redeye Staff as well as the school newspaper, The Crimson Record.