National Bill of Rights Day offers a Twitter-based scholarship

Tian Chan

“Free to Tweet” is an all day celebration of the first amendment and the rights that it gives all Americans. On the 220th anniversary of our right to free expression, 22 high school and college students from ages 14 to 22 are given the opportunity to win $5,000 in scholarships by simply expressing themselves through a tweet with the hashtag #FreeToTweet. Students also had the opportunity to link to a video of photography expressing the rights guaranteed in the first amendment.

On December 15, 2011 (National Bill of Rights Day) college and high school students alike, are encouraged to tweet their support for the first amendment which gives the right to speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly.

The purpose of this contest is to spread the word about the importance of the first amendment, especially in this digital 21st century that we live in today. 

“I think Free to Tweet is a really good way for teenagers to appreciate the first amendment. Since it happened so long ago, I feel like we take it for granted today,” Syndey Barnett (11) said. 

Tian Chan is a Junior in CMA at Manual, and is on the Redeye Staff as well as the school newspaper, The Crimson Record.