Manual celebrates 103 wins at the Scholastic Art Awards


“Laughing Over Spilled Milk”, by Rivers Tarr.

This week, Sculpture and Visual Arts teacher Cyndi Young announced the results of the 2020 Regional Scholastic Art Awards, congratulating a total of 103 winners from Manual out of 1889 art submissions.

Over the course of the winter season, students submitted works from a wide range of artistic endeavors, including painting, printmaking, photography and portfolios.

Broken down into the level of achievement, there were 35 Gold Key winners, 30 Silver Key, and 38 Honorable Mention titles.

Graphic by Kate Benton

“I think it’s very rewarding for kids at our school to get recognition for all the hard work they put in throughout the year,” Rivers Tarr (11, VA) said.

Tarr earned a Gold Key for “Laughing Over Spilled Milk”, an illustration made from sewing fabrics, as well as “Sequins in the Jungle”, a seven foot tall painting of herself.

“Sequins in the Jungle”, by Rivers Tarr.

Many of Manual’s victors received multiple awards or mentions: Sam Adams (12, VA), Marilyn Buente (11, VA), Clayton Cobb (12, VA), Sophia Fowler (12, VA), Ella Gorstein (12, VA), Braden Heiby (12, VA), Henstridge Henry (11, VA), Zayne Isom (12, VA), Emma Keeling (12, VA), Madeline Markert (12, VA), Madeline Mattheau (12, VA), Lili Mohammadi (12, VA), Muny Mok (12, VA), Isabel Mosely (12, VA), Zayd Mushtaq (12, VA), Shelby Nation (11, VA), Hayoung Oh (11, VA), Lilah Pudlo (12, VA), Emma Stuber (12, VA), Rivers Tarr, Oli Tierney (12, VA), Annie Vinson (12, VA), Emma Wilkie (12, VA), Carlee Young (12, VA), and Chloe Young (12, VA).

Of these, Sophia Fowler won four Gold Keys.

“The Scholastic Art Awards give me a sense of community with my fellow artists in my town and school because we get to have our pieces in a gallery together,” Fowler said.

The Gold Key work will be exhibited at Kentucky Museum and Art Center (KMAC) from Feb. 7—Mar. 1, with a reception Friday, Feb. 7 from 6-7:30, and Gold Key artwork will be sent for adjudication in the national competition in New York City later this year.

The Silver Key and Honorable Mention work will be exhibited at the University of Louisville’s Schneider Hall from Feb. 12-Mar. 6 and the reception is Thursday, Feb. 13 from 5-8:00.

“It was fun to apply to Scholastics this year, and the process is really simple since it’s all online,” Tarr said. “For anyone passionate about art and writing, I definitely recommend applying next year.”

For more information, click here to visit the Scholastic Art Awards website.