Majority of Manual students prefer in-person school


Graphic by KC Ciresi

KC Ciresi

With the possibility of JCPS giving the option of in-person school in early November, students are beginning to consider their decision of going back or deciding to stay online. 

JCPS is currently in the “orange zone,” meaning the district should consider staying online until there are fewer cases in the district. If the district decides to allow students back in school, reopening would consist of elementary students returning first, followed by middle and high school students.

Some students, however, will opt out of in-person school if the decision presents itself. This is true for Braden Duncan (12, MST).

 “Not in the current climate. Cases are on the rise, schools are breeding grounds for viruses like these, and there is no vaccine and/or cure in sight,” he said. “Too many horrible things are going on for me to feel comfortable stepping into Manual.” 

For other students, NTI does not fit their learning style, making in-person school their best option. 

“In-person would be better for me because I would actually know what’s going on. Being in YPAS and having to do dance, voice, and acting classes online is very hard,” Annabelle Gilvin (9, YPAS) said. “Also, as a freshman who came from a small school I don’t know a lot of people and I haven’t been given time to make friends, which is very important to me.”

This is also true for Nathan Coulter (12, HSU).

“I would choose to go back to school solely because NTI personally is not doing a good job of teaching me effectively. It is very confusing and stressful,” he said. Not only does in-person school suit his learning style, Coulter also wants to enjoy his last year of high school in-person.

“Being a senior during NTI is definitely a huge disappointment because it’s my last year of high school and we are stuck at home doing online assignments and not being able to have fans at sporting events and dances,” he said. “[I miss] talking to teachers and students every day and lunch with all my friends.”

As a freshman, Liv Ashley (9, YPAS) also wishes to be in-person during her first year of high school.

“I think that we learn so much better in person because our teachers are more available to ask questions and so are our peers,” she said. “I am also a very social person so I am missing the feeling of being in school with other people and I can’t wait to get back to that even if that means we have to wear masks.” 

Freshman, along with meeting new friends, also learn the way of the school and about the Manual building itself throughout their first year.

“I have no idea where my classes are located and I really need to learn those,” Ashley said.

Deacon Glenn (9, YPAS) plans to attend in-person school as long as proper COVID-19 precautions are taken.

“I definitely would if safety precautions were enforced, like making people wear masks and social distance,” he said. “[I miss] being able to see my friends, and I feel a lot more engaged with what we’re learning during in-person classes rather than NTI.”

JCPS officials plan to meet in mid-October to discuss specifics and vote on whether or not students should go back to in-person school.