STAFF EDITORIAL: RedEye’s favorite fall memories

The RedEye staff shares some of their most memorable times during this season

RedEye Staff

The world begins to shift in its color palette, day and night become equal in length and animals start to prepare for the change in temperature. For many, fall is a period of self-reflection, self-discovery and a chance to slow down and enjoy life. In times of great change, we can all find a little comfort in traditions, familiarity or the simple joys found during the fall. 

RedEye has compiled our favorite fall memories and how they’re meaningful to us. We encourage you to take some time to reflect and acknowledge what makes you feel happy this season as well – whether it’s the way your dog enjoys leaf piles or remembering a funny pumpkin patch story from your younger years. 

Brennan Eberwine (Staffer)

 “My favorite fall memory is just raking the leaves and getting to jump into them. Right in the middle of October when the leaves are all falling in the prettiest reds and yellows and I get to rake them and crunch them in my hands is something I cherish every year.” 

Michelle Quan (Staffer)

 “My favorite fall memories are when I go trick or treating with my friends and my sister. I love getting free candy and having an excuse to go outside in costumes. Trading candy afterwards is also really fun.”

EP Presnell (Managing Editor)

“I think my favorite fall memory has to be when my family went to this orchard up in Indianapolis. My grandparents went there with my mom when she and my aunts were growing up. We went with my cousins and we got these things called elephant ears (I’m not sure if those are common but they were just big fried dough pieces with sugar on it). That orchard is a staple of my fall memories and brings back such good times!” 

Ofelia Mattingly (Staffer)

  “My favorite fall memory was my whole family going to Huber’s Farm and just doing the activities there. It was one of the only times we could have the whole family together without conflicting schedules because my older brother and sister were busy with becoming adults. It’s sad that I don’t remember much, but I remember it being very enjoyable.” 

Payton Carns (Editor-in-Chief)

“My favorite fall memory has got to be a combination of the Halloween party my family throws every year and drinking my mom’s warm apple cider around a fire with my friends. Both of these activities bring me closer to the friends I don’t see enough during the school year and there’s something really comforting about that.” 

Justin Farris (Staffer)  

“My favorite fall memory is probably Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house. She is a freakin’ food wizard.” 

Jessica Carney-Perks (AD/PR Director) 

 “I was decorating a pumpkin with my family at home for a fall festival because we didn’t celebrate Halloween. We had gathered all the leaves and put them in orange pumpkin leaf bags which made our front yard look like a family pumpkin patch. After I finished decorating my pumpkin and put the candle inside, one of the sticks in the pumpkin bags got caught on a strand of my sweater. As I was pulling to back away my foot got caught on a different pumpkin leaf bag. Pulling and tangled up, I had fallen on my Princess Tiana decorated pumpkin. Crushing my pumpkin and the excitement is still one of my favorite funny moments as a child.” 

Macy Waddle (Social Media Director) 

“My favorite fall memory is my annual pumpkin carving contest I have with my family and friends. We eat chili and carve pumpkins and at the end everyone receives an award.”