BREAKING: Local election results 2020


Aliyah Lang and Jayvon Rankin

This is an ongoing article.

Election night is upon us, and RedEye is dedicated to keeping our audience up to date with several local elections and state races, including the United States Senate race between Amy McGrath and incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell. 

This story will be consistently updated; Here, you can get updates with nation-wide races and our coverage of the Presidential election. 

Here are the current results for the local election coverage throughout the state of Kentucky. There are many local and state races to look 0ut for:

US Senate Election

McConnell – 62.7%

McGrath- 33.2%

With about 56% of polls reporting, Senator Mitch McConnell is called the US Senator of Kentucky leading his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath by nearly 30%. The Associated Press has called this race for Sen. Mitch McConnell, meaning he has won his seat for seven straight terms.

5 P.M EST.

U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional District 1 – 93.68% Reporting (Comer wins)

    James Comer (R) – 75.1%

    James Rhodes (D) – 24.9%

Congressional District 2 – 95% Reporting (Gunthrie wins)

    Brett Gunthrie (R) – 71.3% 

    Hank Linderman (D) – 26.0%

    Robert Perry (L) – 2.1%

Congressional District 3 – 90.62% Reporting (Yarmuth wins)

    John Yarmuth (D) – 62.2%

    Rhonda Palazzo (R)- 37.8%

Congressional District 4 – 96.31% Reporting (Massie wins)

    Thomas Massie (R) – 67.4%

    Alexnadra Owensby (D)- 32.6%

Congressional District 5 – 95.37% Reporting (Rogers wins)

    Harold Rogers (R) – 84.3%

    Matthew Best (D)-  15.7%

Congressional District 6 – 94.26% Reporting (Barr wins)

    Andy Barr (R)- 57.9%

    Josh Hicks (D)- 40.4%

The Congressional Delegation of Kentucky stays leaning Republican as five Republicans win in their respective races. Louisville Representative John Yarmuth keeps his seat he has held since 2007.

The Louisville Metro Council votes have not been finalized, but as of now Democrats have the lead in the Districts 2, 6 and 14. Whereas District 16 and 18 Republicans are leading by about 10%.

Marsy’s Law – 94.63% Reporting

Yes – 63.3% (Wins)

No – 36.7%

Increase Judicial Terms – 94.63% Reporting 

No – 69.0% (Wins)

Yes – 31.0%

As the majority of the initiative ballot questions have been counted, Kentuckians are in favor of Marsy’s Law and against the increase of judicial terms.

Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate

The Kentucky seems to have stayed in control with the Republicans, and they are increasingly looking at another super majority in the people House.  The Kentucky State Senate looks as if the Republicans will retain their super majority there.