Hiking club takes first steps at Bernheim Forest

Taylor Ratliff

On Dec. 2, the unofficial Hiking Club had its first hike at Bernheim Forest. 

Six seniors walked the two-mile Iron Ore hike.  

“I was really pleased with how the hike went and I am super stoked for future hikes,” said Erin Bridges (12), one of the club’s presidents. “I was a little disappointed in the turnout, because it was all seniors…Hopefully we can get some underclassman to come. A lot of them came to the interest meeting, so there’s hope for that.”

The hiking club is new to Manual, but it has yet to be officially cleared by the school due to liability issues, according to Bridges. Still, prospective members were allowed to meet and plan activities.
“I am very excited about the club because I don’t enjoy playing sports, but would like to be active. Plus I love being in nature because it’s so serene,” said hiking club member, Jack Mattingly (10). “I couldn’t go on the hike last month because I got slammed with a group AP Euro project and [my group] already planned to stay after that day. I plan to definitely go on the next hike.”