Upcoming winter sports

Bowling is a co-ed winter sport students are able to join at Manual.

Bowling is a co-ed winter sport students are able to join at Manual.

Isabella Bonilla

Fall school sports are drawing to a close and it’s about time to say goodbye to soccer, field hockey, football, golf, volleyball and cross country until next year. In its stead come the winter sports, which students may look forward to joining or attending.

The winter sports teams at Manual include archery, basketball, bowling, swim and dive and wrestling. Archery, bowling and swim & dive are co-ed sports and there are basketball teams for both girls and boys; however, the wrestling team is only available to male students.

Tryouts and practices begin Oct. 15, 2021. Contact information for all sports teams and coaches can be viewed here.  

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) governs and sponsors all high school sports within the state. All athletic forms, including physicals, safety videos, permission forms and KHSAA policies can be found here

Spring sports include tennis, lacrosse, softball, baseball and track & field. The tryouts and practices for spring sports will begin on Feb. 15, 2022. 

Students, especially freshmen, are encouraged to check these sports out for further athletic and social opportunities. Most of these sports have a junior varsity and varsity team, although some only have one competitive level.