The Wedding Singer ends and actors make up grades

Emma Harris

The Wedding Singer cast performed its final show on November 28 on the MainStage Theater in the Youth Performing Arts School Building.

“I feel the show was an overall success. We had a lot of talent,” actress Cate Payne (10) said.

Many of the showings of The Wedding Singer began at 10 a.m., which meant performers missed some school.

“I worry a little about the content I missed during shows on finals, but I’ve gotten most of my work straightened out and hopefully I’ll be okay,” Payne said. 

Another cast member, Curtis Lipsey (10) had a harder time. “Doing a show at the end of both semesters, whether it’s for YPAS or someplace else, is really hard because you’re missing school right before finals,” Lipsey said. 

According to the actors, teachers are usually understanding about missing class for performances, and, as long as the actors and actresses are responsible with their make-up work, their grades don’t suffer.