What to know about Manual’s NTI 3.0

Ofelia Mattingly

As COVID-19 cases surge throughout the state of Kentucky — with Jefferson County having a rate of 235 positive cases per 100,000 — the potential for switching to non-traditional instruction (NTI), also known as virtual or online learning, has become the talk of staff, parents and students. 

Currently, Kentucky law permits every school district to have only 10 NTI days total. This has been a concern for Kentucky residents as COVID-19 cases arise with more students and staff testing positive for the virus or having to quarantine.

The NTI schedule provided by the school. Infographic by Ofelia Mattingly.
(Ofelia Mattingly)

In a January 5 interview, JCPS superintendent Marty Pollio expressed his concern with having only 10 NTI days, especially as the impact of the omicron variant becomes more and more widespread. As of publication time, the total number of students with positive cases is over 2,000 with over 2,500 students in quarantine, while there are over 600 JCPS staffers with COVID-19 and about 100 in quarantine, according to district data.

Pollio said that switching to NTI is “probable at some point the next several weeks.” Staff absences and lack of substitutes are also factors. 

With this information in mind, Manual’s administrators have been working to devise a plan for returning to NTI, which will involve both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, just as it did before.

“Synchronous instruction” means students and teachers having class online via Google Meets at regularly scheduled times. Asynchronous instruction means teachers can post lessons, homework, videos, and other materials online via Google Classroom for students to complete on their own time.

In the new NTI 3.0 schedule developed by administrators, first block would start at 8:10 a.m., students would get an hour for lunch, and synchronous instruction would end by 2 p.m. 

The red/white day calendar will continue as normal, and teachers will take attendance at the beginning of class. Depending on the instructor and the course, the amount of synchronous or asynchronous instruction may change, but teachers can only offer a maximum of 60 minutes of instruction time and a minimum of 20 minutes of direct support to students.

More information may be released when the district announces the return to NTI. Keep following RedEye for updates.