2011 Action for Africa fashion show

Lisa Pham

On December 2, 2011, the annual Action for Africa fashion show took place in the auditorium. 

“The fashion show was a lot different this year. Micah McClain really took an idea and executed it very creatively,” Vice President Micah Walker (12) said.

“The club has a really good cause, and I love the fact that Action for Africa raises money and then send it out to Africa,” volunteer Tram Nguyen (11).

Right before the show, members were all over the place. Stagehands could be seen adjusting the lights, taping streamers on the chair, and whatever else to perfect the show.
“Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to sit in the audience and actually view the show itself, I could tell that the members played a highly important role in giving in their effort to keep the show running,” said Jennifer Bui (11), who volunteered.