Track team has “core” plan for high performance

Cara Jennings

The track team has taken on a new workout program at practices to prepare for the upcoming season.

“This year we just started a program with Coach Rigdon…so that we can get our core stronger. That way it’s not just our legs that are strong and the rest of our bodies are weak,” Mary King (10) said.

“We work on abs, sides, calves, arms…we pretty much cover everything,” Anne Oliver (9) said.

Cyrus Henry (10) said that the team practices “Monday through Thursday and sometimes on the weekends.” The team tries to do the workouts at every practice.

“I think [the workouts] will just overall make us stronger. It will make our muscles more powerful so that we can run faster and then perform better at the meets,”  Oliver said.

“I expect all of the teams to do well [at meets] because we’ve been practicing a lot and I’ve already seen improvement,” Oliver said.

The team’s first big meet, the Wildcat Track High School Classic, will be at the University of Kentucky on Saturday, January 21.