FBLA sells cookies during the last block of the day

Keevin Henley

Close to the end of the school day, the aroma of freshly-baked cookies can be detected down the hall, where business teacher Mr. Eastridge’s class is located. The Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA) sells chocolate chip, chocolate chip macadamia nut, and double chocolate chip cookies for $1.00 to students.

“I occasionally buy cookies from FBLA, but only when I have my wallet on me. I also like the fact that they usually sell them right after they bake them so they’re still warm,” said Jennifer Booey (11).

The selling of cookies has become a tradition at duPont Manual High School. The National FBLA council came up with the idea. Later, the Kentucky State FBLA council suggested it to all of the chapters within Kentucky, at which point the Manual chapter began to sell them. 

“All of the money helps our members travel to state and national competitions where we usually bring home a few dozen trophies,”  said Matt Garofalo (12), President of FBLA.

Members of FBLA plan on stepping up the production process throughout the winter and spring by having the chapter treasurer, Jay Kim (12), spend more time help baking and distributing cookies. They also plan to have other officers and a few members sell more cookies more often.