Different career opportunities based on your magnet experience

Ofelia Mattingly

Students have the option to either go to a post-secondary institution, sign up for the military or get a job/internship immediately after completing high school. No matter which path a student decides to take, they will need to find a way to support themselves and become an integral part of society.

Manual students have the unique opportunity of being at a magnet school and having the ability to specialize in different subjects such as math, journalism or the arts. Having these more niche focuses in high school can help some students decide what career path is right for them. Here are some specialized jobs you can take, depending on your magnet/focus area.


  • Mathematician: Becoming a mathematician requires at least a master’s degree (if you decide to work for a private company). Students who decide to work for the federal government only need a bachelor’s degree.
  • Software Engineer: Students typically need a bachelor’s degree or higher in a STEM-related major. Depending on experience level after high school, students could get a job or an internship with a certain company. 
  • Data Scientist: Students will need to get a bachelor’s degree in data science or computer-related major. To get an actual job as a data scientist, higher education is required. 

For more job opportunities in the MST field, visit this website.


  • Cinematographer: If you have a keen eye, becoming a cinematographer might be up your alley. A cinematographer  needs to have attended a technical or fine arts school to learn the techniques and theories pertaining to cinema. This means a bachelor’s degree is necessary. 
  • Actor: To become an actor, no higher education is required, but having a bachelor’s degree in performing arts can be helpful. Additionally, previous experience can also aid in achieving better roles.
  • Dancer: Just like being an actor, a dancer does not need prior postsecondary education. Experience and technical ability/skill is a major factor in getting lead roles in a performance. 

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  • Journalist: Journalism is a competitive career field. It requires at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism, political science or English, depending on your employer. 
  • Writer: Having a degree in English, communications or journalism is the usual requirement or stepping stone in becoming a professional writer or author. Having experience with internships or having a personal blog will look good on your resume if you decide to pursue this job.
  • Photojournalist: A photojournalist will need prior education in journalism, visual communications and photography and must have an extensive professional portfolio.

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  • Photographer: Becoming a photographer usually requires just a high school diploma, although higher education can be helpful. Experience is key when wanting to pursue a career in photography.
  • Painter: Similarly to becoming a photographer, a painter does not need anything past a high school diploma. Painters can learn on-the-job and get better with experience.
  • Interior Decorator: To become an interior decorator, a student will need to achieve a bachelor’s degree and have two years of on-the-job training. Additionally, you can decide to get certified to be a licensed interior decorator.

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High school university students do not specialize in one particular field and have the option to explore what the different magnets have to offer. 

  • Fashion Designer: A fashion designer needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree of the fine arts (BFA) or a bachelor of the arts degree (BA). Internship experience is also valuable when pursuing this career. 
  • Chef: You will need at least a high school diploma for this profession. Prior experience with cooking and the culinary arts will be valuable to achieve a high level in this career and culinary school is preferred.  
  • Therapist: Becoming a therapist requires at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology or another related field. If you decide to achieve a doctorate, your aid will be more desirable to clients. 

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Deciding on a career path is a stressful thing to do, especially since adulthood is right around the corner. Hopefully, this list of jobs will help give you some ideas of what you want to pursue in the future. Keep in mind that you do not have to pursue a field similar to your magnet and that achieving success looks different for everyone. Do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.