R/W Week 2022: Costume Day


Aiden Bonilla

A group of Manual students in costumes such as a banana and a Minecraft creeper.

Aiden Bonilla and Michelle Quan

The third day of Red/White Week gave students the opportunity to show off a full range of outfits with Wednesday’s theme: “Costume Day.”

Being halfway through the week before the Male/Manual game, student excitement for the Old Rivalry game has grown, evident by the increase in costumes that filled the school. Many also expressed how eager they were to attend the carnival event held in the front yard after school—made even better with their various costumes.

“Mickey Mouse is sort of my idol. Essentially, I’m in love with Mickey. Plus, I had this hat that I got from Disneyland a while ago. He’s essentially perfect for the carnival because carnivals are fun and so is Mickey,” Ashish Gogi (12, MST) said.