R/W Week 2022: Doomsday


Ava Blair

The casket was on full display in remembrance of the bulldog at the funeral.

Brennan Eberwine

The students of duPont Manual High School gathered today to mourn the loss of the beloved Louisville Male Bulldog before school.

The? procession was headed by the playing of “Taps” on trumpet by Ben Kilpatrick (11,YPAS), followed by devastated mourners carrying the casket, unable to contain their sobbing. The eulogy was delivered jointly between Mr. Adam Morris (Math), Chloe Drago (12, HSU) and Berkley Humphries (12, HSU). Mr. Morris thanked the seniors and juniors for attending the event, but was saddened that theophmores and freshman were unable to attend.

“He did slobber a lot and was ugly. But he died. So rest in peace, I guess.” Drago said.

The cause of death was blunt force trauma from the impact of the skull against a wall.

Many in the Manual community expressed shock and saddness at the untimely passing, and chose to mourn through taking 0.5x selfies and dressing in their best all-black outfits. The mood across the school remained glum through the remainder of the day.

“The ceremony was too short maybe but no [the bulldog’s passing] should’ve happened 13 years earlier,” Mayze Wetzel (12, YPAS) said.

“I know that this is a time of mourning and gried. But, we served. I’m sorry,” Gabi Tobias (12,YPAS) said.

“I honestly don’t feel bad. He was never really kind to others and never put in effort to be nice to others,” Lauren Rowe (11, HSU) said.

On Friday, the Male/Manual Football game will be held at 7 p.m. in commemoration of the greatness of the Manual Ram in the face of this sort of sad loss of the male bulldog.