Baseball team bonds by playing team soccer

Morgan Profumo

On Dec. 15, 2011,some of the players from the duPont Manual baseball team ended their indoor soccer season at Mockingbird Valley indoor Soccer Complex.

According to the players, although they lost every game, they left the field with a great bonding experience which helped add to the quality of the baseball season.

Being on the soccer team was optional because it was something extra the players could do in order to increase their fitness level before the baseball season. The team was made up of mostly juniors and a couple seniors, according to Evan Oberhausen (11).

According to Nathan Smith (11) the team went into the season pretty close but it was the memories they left with that made them closer.

“Its a fun thing we like to do. We bond, laugh and have a good time. The better the players get along, the better the season seems to go.” Smith said.

“Overall the soccer season did not go well but we took away extra fitness and more respect for our teammates, which is what matters,” Andrew Olson (11) said.