ETHICS Society gathers for end of year party

Jacqueline Leachman

Despite losing their official club status this year due to a lack of funding, former ETHICS members and their sponsor, Ms. Rayna Eberhardt (English), gathered for an end-of-year Christmas party held in Ms. Eberhardt’s room after school on Monday December 10.
Because of recent budget cuts from the Steward Staff, the club was not able to officially organize at Manual this year, which disappointed a lot of former members. However, that did not stop them from keeping the spirit of ETHICS alive.
“We’re still a family, just one that doesn’t meet weekly,” said Ms.Eberhardt, who organized the casual event as a chance for the former members to come together one more time before the holidays.
The party was catered by Bootleg Barbecue and afterwards the group watched Mean Girls. 
“It wasn’t anything special but it was something,” said Mycala Baker (11). “I miss E.T.H.I.C.S a lot, I would definitely love to see it at Manual again next year.”
“It was a bittersweet event,” said former member Alyssa Jones(11). “I wouldn’t have known a lot of people if it wasn’t for E.T.H.I.C.S., we’re basically like a family.”