Gamers find balance between schoolwork and video games

Brittany Downard

GameStops all over the nation had lines stretched all around the block on Nov. 8, for the midnight release of the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3. One of the people in those lines was Manual student Rachel Britton.

“I was there waiting in that line, although there was school the next day. I really didn’t care,” Britton (11) said.

Ever since the release of Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare series, as well as other games, gamers young and old all over the nation have been staying up on school nights, as well as work nights to get their hands on the newest installment of their favorite series, even if that means skipping homework.Several students say they up late and skipping homework for games such as Modern Warfare 3. “I just don’t find enough hours in the day to play the games. School unfortunately takes up most of my time, so I have no other choice but to do it at home.” Niki Clark (12) said.