February 17th, 2018
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BHM: African Americans in sports history

Historic moments for black athletes in the sports world.

BHM: What does your black skin mean to you?

Skin can represent people in many ways so we asked people what their black skin means to them.

BHM: Black queer icons

In honor of Black History Month, these are a few of history’s most iconic queer people.

BHM, QUIZ: How well do you know Kentucky’s African American politicians?

There are and have been many influential African American political figures in Kentucky.

BHM: What Black History Month means

Manual students and teachers discuss their relations to Black History Month and what the month means to them, along with its impacts.

BHM, QUIZ: Which best-selling book by a black author should you...

To celebrate the history and talent of black literature, take Manual RedEye's quiz to find out some novels by black authors that align with your reading interests—and then read them!

Things To Do: Black History Month

Here is a list of local events being held in celebration of Black History Month.

BHM: Black History Month program celebrates strength and unity

The annual showcase of student performances commemorates the struggle for racial equality in the past and present.

BHM: A Manual grad’s reflection on personal protest experience

Feature on Bob Greene, a Manual graduate involved in protests for the rights of African Americans.

BHM: Manual staff experienced discrimination firsthand as athletes

As Black History Month comes to a close, Manual RedEye would like to share the voices and Experiences of two Manual staff and Alum