Track and field team is assigned events for outdoor season

Cara Jennings

At practices, the coaches of the track and field team are assigning the runners to certain races in preparation for the outdoor season.

As the indoor season comes to a close, the practices are focused more on individuals and deciding in which outdoor race each runner will compete.

“I’m a hurdler, but usually the rest of [the runners] do sprints and the coaches pick whoever is the fastest,” Zahara Gully (11) said. The coaches use sprint times along with trial and error to finalize their decisions. “If you’re a freshman they’ll put you on an event to see what works for you, but once you get older, you already know what you’re going to run,” Jasmine Athanasakes (12) said.

“We’ve been doing harder workouts to build endurance and speed,” Gully added.

The state indoor meet, called the Mason-Dixon Indoor Track Meet, will take place on March 3. It will be the last meet for the team before it moves on to outdoor track.