Soccer players playing lacrosse

Taylor Ratliff

As the start of the spring sports season approaches, some of Manual’s boy soccer players are also trying out for lacrosse in order to both stay in shape and for the love of the game. 

“Greg Healey, Parker McGuffey, and I played JV soccer this year and now we’re playing lacrosse,” said Erick Tafel (10). Tafel has played both lacrosse and soccer for Manual since freshman year. 

“I like both sports  respectively because they’re two very different things,” said McGuffey (10). “Soccer uses more speed and agility and quickness of the feet while in lacrosse a lot of your power comes from your hips. You have to be able to make quick dodges.” 

Soccer and lacrosse are similar in many way. Overall, both sports have the same objective: move the ball down the field by passing and running, then score by getting the ball into the net. Also, both use the same basic positions, such as midfielder, goalie, defense, offense. “There’s a good amount [of soccer players] who play lacrosse in the offseason… it’s a good way to stay in shape,” McGuffey said.

Thomas Hutto (11), Calvin Humphreys (11), Chad Tevebaugh (11), and Wyatt Wasz-Piper (11) also play or have played soccer for Manual and currently play lacrosse.