Manual boys bowling competes for state

Sam Coryell

This Thursday, March 22, the boys bowling team will compete at Executive Strike & Spare Bowling for the state championship. The tournament starts at 8 a.m.

PRP and Trinity, who each handed Manual a loss, will be competing in the tournament as well.  

Some members of the team are anxious to get back at Trinity for beating them earlier in the season. “If there’s any team we want revenge on, it’s Trinity. We have had a big competition with them and we want to get back at them badly,” Kyle Abell (10) said. 

The Crimsons didn’t win the regional tournament, but they made it far enough to advance to state. “Although we didn’t win regionals, I think we can still make a big comeback. The team’s won state in the past, so I don’t feel very nervous,” Spencer Kincaid (9) said.

All bowlers will compete in the tournament. The boys bowling team consists of Hunter Showalter (10), Ben Santini (10), Abell, Kiefer Hillerich (11), Jordan Roth (12), Cameron Shulak (12), Dean Bowling (12), Matthew Moremond (10), Ben Openhiemer (9), Jackson Payton (9), Bricker Oxley (9), and Kincaid.  

Last year, Manual went to state and was defeated by Paul Dunbar High School in the semifinals.