Large turnout means more flexibility for track team

Cara Jennings

 In 2012, The track and field coaches have more flexibility in race lineups at meets because a greater number of runners joined the team.

The swell of new runners makes sense to many of the veterans. “Most people come in thinking that they did track in middle school, so it will be just as easy in high school. They’re like, ‘I was fast in middle school, so I can do the same thing now.’ Some also come because it’s a really good workout. Then people usually end up staying because we have a lot of fun, too,” Amelia Baylon (11) said.

“The track, which was only added about two years ago, has really made it much easier to practice…” Reed McKinley (10) said, explaining a reason why the turnout for the team has been increasing. “We occasionally go to Seneca or another park [for practice], but usually only once every other week.”

Austin Snider (10) said that the lineups for relays change quite often. “It changes so much, I can’t really say what team I’m on right now,” Snider said. “But it usually only changes a person or two each time.”

This increase in numbers seems to be beneficial for the team overall. The girls’ team has placed first at every meet so far. “We have a lot of relay teams running strong this year. We’ve actually got more sprinters in this year and they’re doing really well, too,” McKinley said.

It also reduces the load for individual runners. “My freshman year we only had about four girls on the sprinting team so we had to do every event. But this year, a lot more people have come in, so we have enough for every event,” Baylon said.