Cheerleading season comes to an end


As the 2011-2012 cheerleading season comes to an end, many of the cheerleaders are relieved to have a break. 

“A break is very much needed. It was starting to become overwhelming with practices, games and competitions back and forth,” said Brittany Perry (10).

Others decided to quit earlier in the season. “I quit after football season, we just weren’t organized at all; we weren’t making any progress at all,” said Allie Thrailkil (10). 

The new cheerleaders that remained on the team, however, embraced adjustments and enjoyed the season. “I feel this season with the new sponsor went well, she was a huge upgrade from last year’s sponsor and she pulled the team together,” said Jhana Waddell (11). 

“I think we had a really good season, I enjoyed working with them. There were somethings that needed work but overall it was a great experience,” said Coach Tackett.