Manual graduate to release new album on iTunes

Manual graduate to release new album on iTunes


Manual graduate Ted Stevens (’07) will release his first album, Waiting, on iTunes September 22. The physical album was released June 26th.

Stevens has been writing music since he was a Freshman at Manual, but didn’t start his professional career until he was an upperclassman, playing at local gigs and shows.

“My Senior year I took a music theory class which just increased my toolkit musically and kind of kicked down the door beyond the three our four chord songs I was writing”, Stevens said.

Stevens, who draws inspiration for his rock music from lyrically acclaimed musicians such as Bob Dylan, is a graduate from YPAS and studied internationally at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. This gave him a unique opportunity to share his music to a diverse audience.

“I like to play wherever the people are. I’m interested in sharing with people. To varying degrees I think we all go through the same things in life-the same ups and downs,” said Stevens.

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