Boys’ lacrosse team is optimistic about the upcoming season


The boys’ lacrosse team is off to positive start. With many returning players and returning Coach Devin Clifford, who was awarded the 2010 Lacrosse Coach of the Year award, the team is optimistic about their upcoming season.

In a few weeks, many of the players will start conditioning on their own and play indoor lacrosse and travel lacrosse, but team conditioning will start in the winter, where they will work out in the gym a few times a week.

The season will start in early March. The specific date for the first game is to be announced.

“I’m excited to see what new players join this year and how well we will do. I think we’ll do a lot better this year,” Ben Eastman (10) said.

This year, the team is moving from division play to district play. “This changes the entire dynamic of lacrosse in Kentucky. It will force teams to compete with the “better” programs and this will progress Kentucky’s national competition, giving players a greater chance to pursue a varsity sport in college,” Adam Anthony (12) said.

Although seven seniors graduated last year, there are still a lot of returning upperclassmen. “A lot of our talent came from Juniors. This year should be one of Manual’s best ever in terms of skill,” Jack Keyes (10) said.

According to the players, Coach Clifford will lead them to a great season. “Coach Clifford is different from most lacrosse coaches. He is very passionate about what he does, but he uses his energy in a very constructive way. He likes to keep things positive within the team.” Keyes said.